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LG MIR-DELICATE Mir Delicate Fabrics 1.5L

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Mir Delicate: Mir HE Delicate cares for delicate and fine fabrics such as wool, silk, cashmere, down feathers, cotton, lingerie, or lace. It can be used in the washing machine and for hand wash. Mir Delicate provides especially gentle care for your delicate and fine fabrics thanks to its rich Care Balsam. It penetrates deep into the fibers and makes them wonderfully supple and helps retain their original beauty for a long time. Mir Delicate can be used in front load and top load machines, with top load machine the suds won’t be there, but its absence doesn’t affect the washing results.

The LG MIR-DELICATE Mir Delicate Fabrics 1.5L is Not in Stock, please call 1-855-341-2732 for availability.

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